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High Resolution Resistivity Interpretation Services
ATEMIS provides high resolution resistivity interpretation services using systematic inversion processing on entire logs and expert inversion studies for complex formation zones (with thin beds and invasion or anisotropy) taken into account information of other available logs. Resistivity inversion   Click image to enlarge

Field logs are analyzed using different inversion methods combining automatic and interactive (manual) inversion processing based on iterative forward modeling. These methods provide feasible and consistent solutions explaining field logs. In order to check reliability and control uncertainties of the resistivity results, sensitivity studies can also be performed.

Service Benefits 

  • identifying bypassed or hidden pay zones
  • improved evaluation in deeply invaded formations
  • more accurate formation resistivities evaluation
  • accurate water saturation (Sw) determination
  • accurate reservoir zones interpretation and description

  • outsourcing time consuming inversion processing
  • alternative and contractor independent interpretation solutions
  • ability to customize methods for specific requirements 
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