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Service details 

Inversion solutions

ATEMIS offers a full range of inversion solutions for laterologs, induction logs and LWD resistivity logs, whenever there is a need for :

  • quantitative interpretation of thin-bed pay zones
  • accurate resistivity evaluation in deeply invaded formations
  • formation anisotropy evaluation or anomalies detection
  • single log 1D inversion (no invasion)
  • combined 1D-inversion of deep resistivity and GR logs
  • 2D joint inversion of resistivity logs (shoulder beds, invasion)
  • 2D contrained inversion techniques using optimization techniques
Solutions incorporate information from supplied complementary logs.


ATEMIS inversion services deliver position of bed boundaries, Rt (true virgin zone resistivity), Rxo (invaded zone resistivity) and Di (diameter of invasion zone), as well as performance and error indicators for quality control of the parameter estimation. 

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