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ATEMIS RtEvrest® - a complete and powerful solution

RtEvrest® is a fast and accurate forward modeling software package for all open hole resistivity logging tools in vertical and near-vertical wells. The software computes synthetic electrical resistivity logs of electrode (laterolog) tools, as well as wireline induction tools and logging-while-drilling propagation tools. 

Based on finite element analysis the computer code gives direct numerical solutions of the electromagnetic Maxwell's equations in a subsurface formation surrounding a borehole. Therefore the software allows effective validation of all resistivity tool responses.

Foward Modeling example Click image to enlarge

RtEvrest® responds to a large range of requirements

  • Effective validation of Rt logs

  • To highlight anomalies or under-estimated pay zones
    To find out complex zones requiring further analysis
  • Quality control of Rt models 

  • To check the accuracy of quick Rt inversion solutions 
    To underline errors in resistivity earth models
  • Independent simulator of all Rt tools

  • To use for interactive inversion or automatic inversion processing techniques with specific internal methods
  • Tool response sensibility studies

  • To define sensibility to complex cases, anomalies or parasite effects

RtEvrest® is a jointly owned software of ATEMIS Technologies SARL and TOTAL SA. RtEvrest is a registered trademark of ATEMIS Technologies SARL. All Rights Reserved.

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